Born in 1952 to parents of Czech descent in Pasadena, Texas; AJ Petter grew up in a typical low income, hard working family. His three brothers and he shared his father's enjoyment of hunting, fishing and love of the outdoors. Baseball was his favorite sport and mystery books his favorite escape. In the summer of '66, his parents moved the family to the rural countryside outside of Pearland, Texas. Living out between the rice farms and ranches solidified his love of the country lifestyle.

AJ retired from  a 37 year career in the petrochemical engineering design business in Houston, Texas. With intelligence forged from his love of mystery books at a young age and wisdom from a long and successful career, AJ developed a keen sense of observation, common sense, and "hands on" aptitude.

Through his travels both domestically and abroad, AJ has seen first hand the world wide interest in the "larger than life" Texas persona. With pride in his beloved state and interest in Texas history and politics, AJ embarks on a new venture of story telling with a Texas twist.

A J Petter

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